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Title. Fondle My Trigger (Blame My Gun)
Fandom. Sanctuary
Subject. Helen/John
Notes. I've been agonizing over this mix for about a year now. Watching "For King and Country" finally prompted me to finish it up. Ever since charmingnotion introduced me to the show I've been stupidly, crazily, angstfully enamored by the relationship between Helen and John. Epic, tragic, doomed, destined, whatever you want to call them, he promised to make her happy FOR ALL FUCKING ETERNITY, and because of circumstances ultimately beyond his control, he's never been able to. I often find myself holding my breath during every exchange and encounter between them, and I could try to explain why, but I feel it is best expressed by this sentiment: FKDSJFSKJFER;EWJREIFJ*^&^@#. Basically, they reduce me to a puddle of flail, but a thoughtful one, hence this mix.

but you rip it from my handsCollapse )
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07 November 2010 @ 09:07 pm
Medium. Book/Film
Fandom. Harry Potter
Subject. Sirius Black & Bellatrix (Black) Lestrange
Title. In For The Kill
Notes. This whole thing is the product of my pre-DH fever and some random futzing around in Photoshop after a long hiatus. I managed to come up with something halfway decent, happened to be listening to some fitting songs at the time, et voilà. There are implications of, you know, carnal relations behind this, but I suppose you could just pretend it focuses solely on non-sexual rivalry if that's what suits your sensibilities. Whatever the implications, these two and their ridiculously fucked up dynamic are endlessly fascinating to me, hence my fanmixing them yet again.

the only dirt is the dirt i left
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Medium. Book/Film
Fandom. Harry Potter
Subject. Bellatrix (Black) Lestrange
Title. Burning Saints For Your Own Sins
Notes. The inspiration for this came while I was procrastinating on my (still)-yet-to-be-finished Black family mix. It started out comprised entirely of instrumental tracks, then somehow evolved into about a fifty-fifty blend of instrumental and non-instrumental. Genre-wise, this thing is all over the map - there's classical and a smidgen of (garage/indie) rock in Part 1, and lots of darkwave/ambient/grimestep in Part 2, which, tonally, I think is all quite fitting. The concept behind this, to me, is essentially the noise in Bellatrix's head and her internal monologue before, during and after her incarceration in Azkaban. It's a l
ot of chillingly abrupt slamming on piano keys and general discord. It's chronological, beginning with her as the proud, cruel, beautiful Bella of her youth and winding along the decaying path of her developing madness and eventual ruin. As always, I put atmosphere before utmost lyrical perfection, so I hope to hell that this makes sense to people other than me.

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Medium. Film
Fandom. Inception
Subject. Dom Cobb/Mal Cobb
Title. Built A Home, For You, For Me (Until It Disappeared)
Notes. (POSSIBILITY OF SPOILERS FOR THE FILM AHEAD, BEWARE.) Ouch. These two, THESE TWO. They left me feeling achy and heartbroken and wanting more. What we see is that theirs is a relationship faded and discordant; once blissful, now characterized heavily by guilt and longing and nostalgia. I won't say too much more for fear of spoiling people who haven't seen the film yet, but basically, Marion and Leo were so completely compelling and magnificent in every respect that they had me invested in these two from the get-go. I don't know if this mix will make sense to anyone else quite the same way it does to me, because while some of these songs are lyrically pretty spot-on, others I picked for the general atmosphere and images they create. It's difficult to tell whether atmosphere and imagery will translate quite the same way from individual to individual but generally, I hope they will. Enjoy!

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Title. Be All My Sins Remembered
Fandom. Cracks
Subject. Di/Miss G/Fiamma
Notes. This film has eaten my brain, officially. Those of you with whom I've flailed over it know that I ship pretty much every character with every other character (that's how fluid the chemistry between all the actresses is), and as much as I love Di/Poppy, the angsty poignancy behind the central Di/Miss G/Fiamma triangle makes it just ripe for fanmixing. Every time I re-watch (which, these days, is embarrassingly often), my heart honestly breaks; for Di because of the aching, secret love she habors for a woman who reveals herself to be nothing more than a fraud, excellent at weaving stories; for Fiamma because she is thrust into a situation that becomes her undoing only for loving a so-called "peasant"; and even for Miss G, beautiful and trapped and unstable to a fault, to the point where she brings upon herself the loss of of a family, of her girls.

Anyway, this ultimately became a collection of love songs, but I aimed to pick the kind that walk the hazy-fine line bordering obsession. Most of them focus on Miss G's feelings toward Fiamma, while the remainder hone in on Di's or Fiamma's POV. To those of you who haven't seen this film yet, SEE IT. Seriously. It will not disappoint.

As always, this is dedicated to this fandom's finest: luststories, diana_hawthorne and 4twenty7. ♥♥

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13 June 2010 @ 01:20 pm
Medium. Television
Fandom. True Blood
Subject. Pam
Title. Sex Never Goes Out of Fashion
Notes. I made this to celebrate the return of motherfucking TRUE BLOOD tonight, because it also means the return of everyone's favorite fang-baring, pump-donning, leather-clad HBIC. I love Pam. Who doesn't love Pam? As far as minor characters go, she is my favorite, and hope S3 brings her character a bit more into focus (judging by the previews and things ASkars has said about the development of the Eric/Pam relationship, this seems likely. \o/). Anyway, this all started with "Wildcat", which samples an actual fucking panther and is generally one of the sexiest songs I've ever heard. Most of these are slow, sexy songs, heavy on the synths and club beats they probably favor at Fangtasia. Go forth, listen, worship this bitch, and enjoy the premiere!

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12 January 2010 @ 04:01 pm
Mostly Naomily, lots of variations (sorry!).

i feel alone i feel out of my body with youCollapse )
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Medium. General
Subject. Nostalgia
Title. I Still Feel You And The Taste Of Cigarettes
Notes. For missing and remembering, and maybe (just maybe) letting go. 14 tracks, compiled in a .zip file. A pretty even mix of down- and up-tempo.

plotting midnight raids on the swedish plum treesCollapse )
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Medium. Book/Film
Fandom. Harry Potter
Title. I'd Like to Grab You By the Hair
Subject. Sirius/Bellatrix
Notes. So, this mix is special because it has a *~CONCEPT~* behind it. I've been wanting to make a Sirius/Bella mix ever since I first read OotP and fell prey to how sick and wrong and GLORIOUSLY similar they are. Last night, I was in the process of (re-re-re-re-)renewing my efforts when I found myself picking all these sort of thrashy, 60s-sounding songs. Which, somehow, got me picturing Sirius and Bella on the lam as bandits a la Bonnie & Clyde, on an outlaw tour of Britain, if you will, and suddenly, I NEEDED TO MAKE THIS MIX. Because, okay, they WERE growing up in the 60s and 70s, so the vibe of these songs DOES fit the time, thank you very much. Bella would probably never listen to Muggle music, but WHATEVER. I got so excited about this that I even did that made art for every track. I thought only overly ambitious people could ever have the patience of accomplish such a feat! It took me all of 2.5 seconds to decide that Eva and Gaspard were the people I wanted to use for the cover art. Eva is young Bellatrix to the CORE as far as looks go, and Gaspard is fittingly scruffy and good-looking as Sirius. Anyway, I'd say the general premise of this is that Sirius is disowned and instead of going to live with James, he runs off to do some damage and blow off steam. Bellatrix follows him and they become sort of a criminal duo, with Bella doing most of the work because Sirius is a little uncomfortable with arbitrary murder, while our Bella is most definitely not. The pair get their kicks, fuck (observe my brain over there in the GUTTER), hate, and eventually shoot each other (shut up, bandits don't use wands, THEY TOTE GUNS). Idk. It's all terribly romantic, isn't it?

she drinks her blood from a jagged edgeCollapse )
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